Work plan

The subprojects (SPs) planned and presented below involve the cooperation of research organizations from the Czech Republic, Ukraine, Germany, the USA, and Canada. Activities will be provided in close consultation with the end-users and their assistance where appropriate. Charts, available as a separate attachment, demonstrate the SPs structure, a summary of tasks, deliverables, and a timeline. A detailed description of each participant’s contribution to the tasks follows.

WP1. Gasification of Miscanthus biomass with the utilization of ash as a soil amendment in M×g phytoremediation

WP2. Evaluation of the biochar-soil process

WP3. Valorization of by-products from pyrolysis

WP4. Carbon sequestration and the nitrogen cycle in M×g phytotechnology applied to mixture contaminated military lands.

WP5. Estimation of GHG mitigation potential of the advanced M×g phytotechnology