Cluster WASTen, Czech Republic

Cluster WASTen, Czech Republic

Project Co-Director:
Dr. Radek Hořeňovský

Contact person:
Mgr. Alexandra Rýdlová
+420 778 008 589


The cluster WASTen association was founded in 2015. The association unites leading research institutions and innovative Czech companies involved in cutting-edge technologies related treatment of municipal and industrial waste. Currently, the association has 32 members from small and medium-sized enterprises, large companies and 5 universities, focused on waste management.

WASTen is involved in transferring cutting-edge technologies for waste management following the waste management hierarchy, and implementation of the circular economy approaches. It provides its research in the field of waste treatment, valorisation of by-products and environmental security. WASTen is the only Association in the Czech Republic with specialised in waste treatment for energy purposes.

In 2021 Wasten initiated the establishment of a new Mobile Pyrolysis Laboratory. The idea was implemented in 2022 as a joint initiative of WASTen and UJEP. The lab is equipped with Mobile laboratory pyrolysis units, GC, and MS. The mobile pyrolysis units are intended for low-volume laboratory tests of the thermal decomposition of solid or liquid materials. The Cluster WASTen Association regularly presents its activities and projects at international fairs and exhibitions and has experience in technology transfer, supporting the cooperation of scientific and research organisations, SMEs, and big enterprises. The association is active in international activities by providing training and workshops for foreign companies and organisations, related innovative technologies of the waste treatment and energy supply created in the Czech Republic.