Training 1, Part 2: “Using the equipment purchased within the project: theory and practice”

On June 30 – July 2, 2024, Training 1 Part 2 “Using the equipment purchased within the project: theory and practice” was organized by UJEP and TVHNPU in Dobrovlyanu, Ternopil region, Ukraine. It had a goal to increase the knowledge and skills of the young and senior researchers involved in the project on modern methods of analysis and related equipment for measuring GHGs, soil health, microbial community, rhizosphere interaction, and biochar properties. The event was the first fully public event in-person since the beginning of NATO G6094. 17 individuals attended the event, and 11 participants were from Ukrainian teams: TVHNPU, Ternopil; NULES, Kyiv, and NULP, Lviv, and 5 persons represented end-users (SDEEC and Ecocentre). The event was led by Prof. Valentina Pidlisnyuk, NDP, UJEP. Trainers of the event were: Prof. Pavlo Shapoval and Dr. Vitalii Stadnik, NULP – in person; Dr. Josef Trogl and Dr. Hana Burdova, UJEP – recorded presentations; Dr. Andryi Hertz and Dr. Volodymyr Khomenchuk, TVHNPU – in persons; Dr. Volodymyr Klus, Institute of Alternative Energy NAAS – recorded presentation. After each presentation, the participants intensively discussed the content focusing on future joint research with the use of the equipment purchased within the project.
After the Training participants were interviewed based on the questionnaire on attitude to Advanced Phytotechnology, developed by the project’s partners from Hendrix College, USA.
Having the option to meet in person, Prof. Valentina Pidlisnyuk, NPD provided individual consultations with each of the three Ukrainian teams from TVHNPU, Ternopil; NULES, Kyiv and NULP, Lviv, discussed and corrected the ongoing scientific activities, and overviewed the requested logistics and cooperation support.