September 30, 2023: Research at the Miscanthus plantation in Vorzel, Ukraine

On September 30, 2023 Dr. Vitalii Stadnik and Dr. Martyn Sozanskyi (LPNU team, Ukraine), along with Assoc. Prof. Tatyana Stefanovska (NULES team, Ukraine) visited a research Miscanthus plantation in Vorzel urban settlement, Kyiv region. The plantation was established in 2023 at the former military site: Vorzel was occupied by russian military forces in February, 2022 and reoccupied by Ukrainian Army in March-April 2023. Plantation was established with utilization of the elements of the advanced phytotechnology, i.e.: a) incorporation of biochar in two doses; b) incorporation of stimulant.

During attendance the following activities were provided:

  • visual monitoring and picturing the condition of plants growing;
  • collection of soil samples for analysis of contamination to be provided by LPNU team;
  • collection of soil samples for analysis of Organic Carbon and Nitrogen to be provided by TVHNPU team, Ukraine.

Additionally, the project participants discussed the methodology for collection root, stem, and leaf samples for analysis of contaminants to be done in the harvested biomass.