September 27, 2023: Kick-off meeting

On September 27, 2023 the kick off meeting of the NATO SPS MYP G6094 was held. The event was hosted by UJEP, Leading Institution and was provided in the hybrid form. Altogether 41 participants attended the event, from those – 10 in person and 31 virtually. List of the participants is included in the separated file available at the web-page. 

The event was opened by NATO Country Director prof.  Valentina Pidlisnyuk who introduced the framework, main goals, outputs and expected impact of the project. NATO SPS Advisor in Climate Change and Security Mr. Richard Brewin overviewed the NATO SPS Programmer. Ms.Klaudija Kaliope, NATO SPS,  presented the requests to Progress and Financial reporting during the  implementation of the Project.

Thereafter NDP prof.Valentina Pidlisnyuk, UJEP, the Czech Republic,  PPD  Dr.Andrji Hertz, VHPNPU, Ukraine and Co-Directors, consequently: Dr.   Vitalyi Stadnik, NULP, Ukraine; Dr.  Radek Horenovsky,  WASTen, the Czech Republic; Dr. Tatyana Stefanovska, NULES, Ukraine; Prof. Peter Gess, HC, USA; Dr.Mariya Marinova, RMC, Canada, and prof. Tobias Zcshunke, IPM, Germany introduced their institutions, members of the team, and overviewed  role and tasks of the organizations within the project. Presentations of the participants are included in the separated file available at the web-page. 

In the second discussed part of the event the representatives from the linkage institutions, i.e.: prof. Ganga Hettiarachchi and prof. Lawrence Davis, USA, KSU; prof. Aida Kistaubaeva, Kazakhstan, KazNU, along with Dr. Jon Winsten, USA, Winrock Foundation introduced their understanding of the supplemented research and followed assistance to the project. 

The internal requests for financial reporting to the leading institution UJEP was presented by Mgr.Blanka Cerna, who is served at UJEP as financial assistant to the project. Prof. Valentina Pidlisnyuk     overviewed the requests and schedule for the Progress report from each team and introduced the main tasks of the Milestone 1 with the stress on cooperation and collaboration in between the project teams.

Finally, the film about the industrial production of biochar by Ukrainian firm BMIngineering was demonstrated to the participants. The firm has an industrial facility to convert biowaste to biochar by pyrolysis and provides the gasification process of waste biomass and wood.   The event finished up with Q&A session in which logistic threats were discussed. Separated Zooms will be arranged for discussion the issues.

NName and surnameOrganizationPositionWay of attendance
1Brewin RichardNATO  BelgiumSPS Projectsonline
2Klavdija Kaliope  NATOBelgiumSPS Projectsonline
3Valentina Pidlisnyuk UJEPCzech person
4Hana BurdovaUJEPCzech RepublicPhD studentin person
5Karim Al SoukiUJEPCzech RepublicResearcherin person
6Robert Ato NewtonUJEPCzech RepublicPhD studentin person
7Aigerim MamirovaUJEPCzech RepublicPhD studentonline
8Josef TroglUJEPCzech RepublicAssociate prof. Vice-Deanin person
9Blanka CernaUJEPCzech RepublicProject managerin person
10Lina TetleyUJEPCzech RepublicPhD studentonline
11Katrien BoonenUJEPCzech RepublicPhD studentin person
12Sofia PorkhunUJEPCzech RepublicBachelor Studentin person
13Radim VeselyUJEPCzech RepublicComputer assistant in person
14Andryi line
15Oleksandr line
16Volodymyr line
17Oksana HorynVHTNPUUkraineResearcheron line
18Victor MarkivVHTNPUUkrainePhD studenton line
19Vitalyi StadnikLNPUUkraineAssitant prof.on line
20Martyn SozanskyLNPUUkraineResearcheron line
21Pavlo ShapovalLNPIUkraineProfessoron line
22Yurii HrynchukLNPIUkraineResearcheron line
23Tatyana StefanovskaNULESUkraineAssoc. prof.on line
24Anastasiia LutsiukNULESUkrainePhD studenton line
25Radek HorenovskyWASTenCzech RepublicExecutive Directorin person
26Tobias ZcshunkeIPMGermanyProfessoron line
27Fred HaaserIPMGermanyResearcheron line
28Brandon WeiseIPMGermanyStudenton line
29Mariya line
30Barbara ZeebRMCCanadaProfessoron line
31Frank line
32Peter GessHCUSAProf.on line
33Aida KistaubaevaKazNUKazakhstanProf.on line
34Ganga HettiarachchiKSUUSAProf.on line
35Lawrence DavisKSUUSAProf. Emerituson line
36Jon WinstenWinrockUSAResearcheron line
37Ivan KozyatnykLinkoin universitySwedenResearcheron line
38Iryna ArtemchukVorzel collegeUkraineAssociate prof.on line
39Bunetsky VolodymirBMingineeringUkraineDirectoron line
40Halyna MatviikivTernopil Military Regional AdministrationUkraineofficeron line
41Karel ProkesAlmekoCzech RepublicDirectoron line