October 31, 2023: Research at the Miscanthus plantation in Dolyna, Ukraine

On October 31, 2023 Dr. Vitalii Stadnik, Dr. Martyn Sozanskyi and Dr. Yurii Hrynchuk (LPNU team) attended an experimental plantation in Dolyna, Ivano-Frankivsk region, where Miscanthus x giganteus has been long term grown on the territory of the former military site (tank polygon).

The samples were collected at the following plantations:

  • Site #1 – established in spring 2017 at the “contaminated” soil
  • Site #2 – established in spring 2017 at the relatively clean soil (control)
  • Site #3 – established in 2018 at the “contaminated” soil with incorporation of soil amendments.

The soil sampling was done for monitoring of Carbon content and Nitrogen content under the long-term growth of the plant. Altogether 16 samples were collected in accordance to the scheme, i.e: 4 samples at site#1; 4 samples at site#2, 8 samples at site#3.

The visual monitoring of the plants at the research sites were done. All soil samples were sent to TVHNPU for the analysis.