November 10, 2023: Preparation the new Miscanthus plantation for intercropping research in Vorzel, Ukraine

On November 10, 2023 the preparation for establishing a new Miscanthus plantation at the military site in Vorzel, Kyiv region, Ukraine has been started. NULES team initiated the establishment in accordance with   activities included in WP2. The work is provided in cooperation with the volunteers from the local Vorzel community. 

The plantation will be used for the research of cooperative growth in intercropping with perennial legumes as possible compensation mechanisms for the first two vegetations of Miscanthus.  The plantation has a size 7.5m x 10m = 75m2, the cooperative growth will start in April 2024. The new plantation is located near the Miscanthus field established in 2023 where biochar as soil amendment is testing in phytotechnology applied to the military site.