Meeting of Co-Director Dr. Tatyana Stefanovska, NULES, with NPD Prof. Pidlisnyuk and UJEP team

Being at the University of Life Sciences and the Environment in Prague, Czech Republic, for the Erasmus Teaching Programme, Dr. Tatyana Stefanovska, Co-Director from NULES, used the occasion to visit the Crop Research Institute in Chomutov on June 19-20. During the visit, she met with the project team from UJEP and reviewed two Miscanthus plantations established at post-military sites.

While at the CRI, Dr. Stefanovska, Prof. Pidlisnyuk, and Dr. Ust’ak discussed the content of a manuscript being prepared based on the results of changes in nematode communities in the Miscanthus fields. Additionally, Dr. Stefanovska and Prof. Pidlisnyuk met with PhD students Robert Ato Newton and Abdulmannan Rouhani to discuss a review framework on using nematodes as indicators of soil health in phytoremediation.

Dr. Stefanovska also participated in the summarizing wrap-up of the Erasmus course “Sustainable Management of Contaminated Sites,” which was enriched by field research at the Miscanthus plantation in Chomutov. Furthermore, Dr. Stefanovska, Dr. Ust’ak, and Prof. Pidlisnyuk were familiarized with the scholarship results of PhD student Zhuldyz Batykova, which related to the incorporation of isolates into biochar and testing the immobilized sorbents for corn production.