Kansas State University, USA

Kansas State University, USA
The Kansas Agricultural Experiment Station (KAES)

Contact person:
Prof. Ganga Hettiarachchi


The Kansas Agricultural Experiment Station is the research component of K-State Research and Extension which is dedicated to a safe and sustainable food and fibre system and strong, healthy communities, families, and youth through integrated research, analysis, and education. The extension unit provides programs to address the grand challenges facing Kansas citizens. KAES is a part of the Land Grant System, Hatch Act of 1887- federal support for ag research at the state and territorial level and establishment of Agricultural Experiment Stations at each land-grant institution. Most researchers who receive a salary from the KAES have joint appointments in which a portion of their salary is to conduct research for KAES and a portion is to educate students at K-State. Labs are well equipped for work with soil and plant samples, there is equipment to monitor the nutrients in the soil, including Carbon. Instrumentation includes Wiley Mill for plant grinding, biosafety cabinet for handling trace metal analysis plant samples, microwave sample digestion apparatus, ICP-OES and GF-AAs for element detection, LECO analyser for total C and N measures, spectrophotometer for enzymatic analyses, centrifuges, balances, rotary shaker, drying ovens. Greenhouse space is available for the growth of plants in modelling experiments. Sampling equipment for field work is available, while machines for site preparations can be freely borrowed from the K-State.