December 17-20, 2023: Visit to National Institute of Horticulture, Poland

On December 17-20, 2023 prof. Valentyna Pidlisnyuk, NDP, UJEP and Co-Director Tatyana Stefanovska, NULES, Ukraine visited National Institute of Horticulture (InHort) in Skrienivice, Poland. They had meetings with prof. Magdalena Szczech, Head of the Department of Microbiology and Rhizosphere and discussed the joint manuscript with the working title “Effect of soil amendments to nematode-microorganism’s interaction and plant performance under Miscanthus x giganteus growing in the marginal land”. The manuscript was prepared within the project based on the data of monitoring the soil health at Miscanthus plantation in Chomutov, the Czech Republic.

NDP prof. Pidlisnyuk and Stefanovska NULES, Co-Director worked on another manuscript prepared within the project with the draft title “Impact of the plant growth regulators of microbiological origin on the entomopathogenic and plant parasitic nematodes from Miscanthus x giganteus plantations”. They observed the on-going research of NULES and VHNPU and discussed the organization of biochar production from biomass waste in Ukraine.

The Memorandum of Understanding between UJEP and InHort was signed which implies strengthening the cooperation in the scientific spheres and will assist in enhancing the research on soil health planned within the project in WP2.