April 5, 2024: Progress Meeting 3. Milestone 2.

On April 5, 2024, the Progress meeting 3, Mil2 was held at UJEP in hybrid form. NDP Prof. Pidlisnyuk overviewed the Progress report 1 and Financial Report 1 with stress on the main accomplishments in the period September 27, 2023-March 26, 2024, and some re-allocations of the budget lines. Thereafter she presented the tasks of the working packages, deliverables and indicators included in Mil2 and ways they will be achieved, including in the cooperative research. Project partners presented their own detailed plans for the Mil2 and requests for cooperation and data exchange. The looking forward goals presented in Progress Report 1 were discussed. The need to speed up the purchasing of the equipment by the Ukrainian partners and to start the training part of the project was overviewed in the wrap-up done by Prof. Pidlisnyuk. The next Progress Project meeting 4 is planned in the hybrid at the end of June 2024 in Ukraine. It will be jointly organized by UJEP and TVHNPU.