November 2023: Testing biochars at the Lab experiment, VHTNPU, Ukraine

The team from the Volodymyr Hnatiuk Ternopil National Pedagogical University (VHTNPU), Ukraine led by NATO G6094 PPD Dr. Andriy Hertz started the research on impact of biochar to the growing process of plants and soil properties.

On September-November 2023 Ternopil team evaluated two sorts of biochars using the testing plant Zea mays L. The morphological, physiological, and biochemical parameters of plant was measured during 52 days of the experiment provided in the green house conditions with a photoperiod of 14/10 hours. The changing of the soil physical-chemical properties was monitored and the content of C, N, P, K of the soil, its pH and electrical conductivity were under the consideration.

Young researchers: Viktor Markiv, Oksana Horyn along with the Senior advisors Dr. Oleksandr Kononchuk and Dr. Volodymyr Chomenchuk are working currently on the evaluation of the results to be referred to WP2.